We have a line of pine trees in our back yard that had branches that grew all the way to the ground. We wanted to trim them up to expose the trunks at the bottom and to create an open area underneath the trees. They are big trees, and we wanted them pruned up from the bottom to expose about eight feet or so of the trunks. We wanted to be able to walk under them. We called a place that does tree pruning in Nassau County to come out and do the job. The trees were planted close together in a patch. It would be a perfect area to get shade in the summer.

The tree pruning service we hired came out and did a perfect job. They treated every spot on each tree that had a branch cut too. This would protect the trees from pests and other things that can kill a pine tree. We were happy that our trees were so healthy. There was a thick mat of pine needles that they cleaned up too. The newly falling needles did not take long to make a cushiony mat underneath the trees. We enjoy the shade in the summer, and it is really cool to be under the trees after a thick blanket of snow has fallen too.

The trees are so close together that many of their branches overlap other trees. Underneath is a protected area. It can be raining, and you stay pretty dry under them. The snow does not even reach the ground under the pines. It is like a protected enclave. I enjoy sitting out there in an old Adirondack chair even when there is snow on the ground all around me. It is a beautiful spot to relax in. I am so glad we had these pines trimmed like this. A little raking a couple times a year keeps the spot perfect.

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July 3, 2019 at 4:30 pm by admin
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