I have just now Started to plan the house’s electronic systems. Of course the basic premise is to end up with a house which is safe to live in and has the most cost effective design. It is going to be a smart house, but I have to be smart about how I design the thing and how much money you put in it. For instance the CCTV systems are probably going to be somewhat minimal. I want to be able to see who is at the front door and who is in the drive way, without getting out of the recliner. However I do not need to be able to conduct 360 degree surveillance of the entire grounds. I do not want to get notified every time a roe deer comes in the yard to graze on the grass in the back yard. The big thing is to have a house which knows when it needs to have things cozy for the people and when it does not need to expend energy.

In theory the house can be connected to various networks and in contact with the gps location sensors on your smart phone or on your car. My car probably has a couple thousand sensors on it and it is going to be able to communicate the fact that it is sitting in a car park at my office with the house, at least that is the idea. When you turn the key on the car can tell the house about it. It should be able to figure out if you are going home or if you are headed to some other place, but if you are going home it should also know which parts of the house need to be heated or cooled when you get there.

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July 1, 2016 at 12:30 pm by admin
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