Lori grew up in Florida and moved to Polk County in 1982 to pursue her career in radio broadcasting. She fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle of central Florida, the beautiful towns and open spaces, and the character of the tight-knit communities that make up the 12th District. Working as a news reporter, Lori had a passion for issues that directly affected hard-working Floridians. Eventually she decided that it was more important to give her neighbors a voice in government, than to report on the challenges she saw everyday.

In 1992 she ran for the Florida State Legislature, and was elected in a close race to represent Florida’s 65th District in eastern Polk County. While in the State House Lori worked hard to reform Florida’s welfare system, and to institute performance based budgeting so that taxpayers could be sure their money was spent wisely. Lori has always been about results, and not about where ideas come from or who gets the credit. She has never let party lines determine her vote or whom she was willing to work with on an issue.

In 2000 Lori was elected Supervisor of Elections in Polk County, and has since been re-elected twice without opposition.

Lori is running for Congress because FL-12 needs a Representative who understands the challenges families face in central Florida. Lori will work with both Democrats and Republicans to bring jobs back to Central Florida, expand access to quality affordable healthcare, protect our seniors, and stand up for our veterans. In this challenging time we need leaders like Lori who will listen to all ideas and deliver innovative solutions to tough problems.

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