What thing do people try to claim as I really do not see how Romney can be taken seriously after the choice of Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential candidate. When you think about it there is only one group of people that this choice helps him with and those are the same people who would likely vote for Adolf Hitler so long as he did not look like Barack Obama. Very few other demographics are going to be terribly pleased by the addition of a man who looks a lot too ideological and partisan to be a good president of the United States of America. Seniors and people approaching the age of retirement will be very easily convinced that Ryan plan of slashing of entitlement programs is not going to serve their interests.

It is going to be very easy to convince the majority of moderates that Ryan is an ideologue. That is what he appears to be and it does not matter much that he puts a nice face on it. His policies clearly benefit the wealthy at the expense of the middle classes and to the great peril of the poor and the working poor. If you make over a million dollars you should love the Ryan plan. It is going to save you a ton of money. The richer you are the more this plan benefits you. Then you start talking about him as the candidate of big oil. Ryan could have been invented by T. Boone Pickett and the Koch brothers. He is in favor of giving them a free rein to drill and pollute to their heart’s content. I do not think environmentalists are a huge factor in this election because they were not likely to vote against Obama and in favor of a Republican. However this is going to be a huge turnoff for voters who care about the environment.

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August 20, 2012 at 1:23 pm by admin
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