I didn’t really realize how safe I felt when I lived at home in my parent’s house and we had an alarm system. I took it for granted and did not really think about it until I moved out on my own. I moved to a new city after getting a new job, and I made sure to look for ADT in Miami because that is the company my parents used for their home security. The system is one that I’m familiar with and I know it works well. I figured I would get a new system at some point, but I wasn’t in a big rush at first.

I think part of the reason why I felt so secure when living with my parents is that we lived in a somewhat small town where it is mostly quiet. There are a lot of ranches and farms in the area, and neither of those are really good spots for criminals to target. Many of those properties are rather large, and a criminal would have to get through a fenced area and then drive quite a bit to reach the one family home located on the farm or ranch in order to burglarize it. In large cities, homes and apartments are located close to one another, and it’s easy for a thief to hit many residences very quickly to burglarize them.

When I first moved into my new townhouse, I enjoyed the fact that my bedroom is upstairs. I felt like an upstairs bedroom would make me feel safe because I could hear someone come into my residence and I would have time to call the police if I ever needed to. However, when my landlord came into my apartment one day to drop something off while I was upstairs, I was surprised to learn that I never heard her come inside. That meant that burglars could do the same thing. I knew then that I needed to contact ADT and get my home secured quickly instead of waiting to do it later.

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February 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm by admin
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