It was really aggravating, especially since I have not ever changed my position from the start. The insurance company seemed to think that if they stalled long enough I would get desperate, although the entire time I was threatening to bring in a Sacramento auto injury attorney which would have ended up costing them more. Of course the problem is that it would not have put more money in my pocket and perhaps I would have ended up with less. I did all of the math and I knew exactly what it would cost for me to get back to square one, where I was before that jerk crashed into me because he was not paying attention. It was a big mess for me and I was lucky that my Dad had a spare car that he no longer needed. That was what allowed me to stand my ground and wait them out, because I did not have enough money sitting around to replace the car that I had lost.

It seemed as though they were always overplaying their hand to in fact. They knew fully well that they owed me a car and that they had to pay for the bumps and bruises and the broken nose that I had, although all of that stuff was not very serious. It was pretty lucky for them that I was not going for the neck brace like a lot of people would have. I knew this guy at work who always bragged about doing some of that nonsense, going into court and acting as though he was traumatized by this accident and barely able to move. He was claiming that he was barely able to lay in bed at night because of his back, but that is just not something that I would do.

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September 15, 2016 at 4:31 am by admin
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