Many of us have been staying home recently for global health concerns. Because of this, we have seen a rise in interest toward home design. Need a new way to update your self isolation space? Herringbone vinyl flooring might be the answer for you.

In Singapore, this modern design element is a secret to creating a huge change in your living space. Since we all have been working and living at home in isolation for over a year and half, you might want to consider something drastic as changing your floors to add new life to your home. A new couch, new art, painting, all provide a small degree of change, but the allure for these details might fade over time. Additionally, changing flooring can increase the re-sell value of your home, and can cost just as much as certain luxury new furniture that does nothing for the price point of your home.

For these reasons, updating flooring can be a great solution for a new, fresh feeling in your living space. Herringbone vinyl flooring can do just that, and Singapore interior design specialists offer many avenues to make your flooring and renovation dreams come true. Herringbone vinyl style in particular is great for a modern revamp. It’s clean lines and geometric design can elongate the look and feel of any home or outdoor space it is placed in. Crisp, sharp lines can draw beautiful attention to the size of your space and add order and a sense of reliability to the home.

While vinyl itself has pros and cons because it is essentially made of plastic, it is much more of a water resistant material than laminate, which does not do as well in rooms with water or damp conditions.

Herringbone vinyl would look great in an outdoor patio enclosed space as well. The possibilities are endless!

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August 3, 2021 at 12:30 am by admin
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