My twin sister and I are really close. We have friends who have siblings, and we have never seen any of them as close as we are. It just made sense that when we both graduated from college, that we would look at apartments in Newport News VA. We knew that we wanted to live there, and it would make life easier on both of us if we shared a two bedroom apartment. We looked at a lot of different apartment complexes, and we both agreed that Autumn Lakes was the one we wanted to call home.

Neither of us are huge on crowds, which is the main reason we chose this apartment complex over the others. The buildings are only two stories tall, and they are spread out so there is not a crowded feeling. The landscaping here is beautiful too. There are trees and flowers everywhere, and I love to just sit on our balcony and lose myself when I am here by myself. We had two choices for two bedroom apartments, and we both wanted to get the one that has the balcony. Not only is it bigger, but we just like the layout of the floor plan better too.

We both have large bedrooms with walk in closets, and there is a bathroom in between them that we share. The living room is by itself, which is something we both really like too since a lot of the apartments that we looked at have a common space for the living room and dining room. The kitchen is pretty big too with plenty of pantry space. We are almost always able to find a spot right outside the stairs leading to our apartment, and it is so quiet here. It really does have everything going for it, and we are happy to call this place home.

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March 13, 2017 at 4:30 pm by admin
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