I learned a lesson last month, and it is really quite simple. Sports lovers need Direct TV rather than cable or online streaming services. While cable and online streaming have their place, they are definitely not for someone who enjoys a lot of sports. Direct TV has exclusive packages that no other programming provider can show unless it is in their market. With Direct TV, it doesn’t matter if I want to watch the Bills pummel the Dolphins or the Rams take on the Texans. I am able to watch any and all games with the Sunday Ticket, which no one else can carry.

They also have a hockey package, which means that I can watch any of those games too, even if I am not in the geographical area of one of the two teams playing. There are many other sports features too, including soccer and cricket, and it really is a sports fan’s dream come true to have all of these games to watch. Direct TV is for more than just sports fans. I have a lovely wife and three lovely daughters, and they couldn’t care less about football, hockey or anything other sport.

They still really like Direct TV though, and I think all four of them would be upset if we were to be without it. It is because they have such a wide variety of programming that there really is something for everyone. My wife loves to watch religious shows, and there is a huge selection for her. My girls like to watch music videos, chick flicks, cartoons, and cooking shows. There are plenty of channels for them too. The best part is that we can all watch something different without interfering with the others because of the Genie Go system that was installed. I wouldn’t want any other provider than Direct TV, nor would they.

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October 27, 2015 at 4:30 am by admin
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